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Vibrant Garden Blue Plant

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UPC/Location: 810074880251
Aquatop Vibrant Plastic Plants are fantastic, brightly-colored plants that add whimsy and pizzazz to aquariums.
They are designed to move and sway with the currents to give them a natural appearance in the water.
Aquatop Vibrant Plants are a hassle-free alternative to real plants, or they can be used to supplement natural
aquascaping. They are easy to install; just bury the base of the plant in the aquarium gravel.
Made of long lasting non-toxic material, Aquatop Vibrant Plants will not affect your aquarium’s water chemistry.
The colors of their finish will not fade and they are completely safe for all aquarium occupants.
The plants are also easy to maintain with a rinse and gentle wiping with a soft towel.