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Aquarium Favorite from the PAST

Flier Cichlid - Captive BRED

Learn more about this classic Cichlid

For the HOME Aquarium


Take a close look at some uncommon freshwater pufferfish from the Mekong River basin, new at Carolina Aquatics.. These curious and intelligent ambush predators are specially adapted to sit on the bottom of a river or stream and wait for prey to swim overhead and make totally unique aquarium fish.

HOLY Grail Cichlid | TAKES DAYS to Collect

Zebra Pike

Take a close up look at one of the "holy grail" cichlids in the hobby: the Zebra Pike Cichlid with Mike Tuccinardi at Carolina Aquatics. Found only in a remote river in Venezuela, these large pikes are one of the most impressive and colorful of all South American Cichlids.

Featured in Coral Magazine

Aberrant Undulated Trigger

This amazing specimen is available now!



Jakarta Live Rock

Some of the ONLY Live Rock, currently available, that we know of!

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