Starting today, and continuing over the course of the weekend, we will be transitioning your login accounts to a new login/account system. You will be notified via your primary account email when your account has been transitioned.

This transition will allow better control and clarity for you, as well as better website performance.

Our office will now be using Credit Cards you put on file at checkout.

YOU NOW WILL INPUT AT CHECKOUT your preferred billing Credit Card. When you do so, you MUST checkmark "Save and Authorize this card for Carolina Aquatics to charge for future purchases".

This will allow you to continue to use this card without re-entering it, and allow the office to charge your card for any adjustments to your orders (just as we do now).

This provides a secure, and controlled environment for your critical information!


New login method does not require a password. You will receive a one-time login code.


When you login with the NEW Account Link, you will be greeted by your account order overview page. You will not see your past orders here, there will be a link on the website menu to see past order history.

To place an order: Click "Go To Store" in the top right on this page.

To manage your vaulted credit cards: Click your initials in the top right of this page, and then click Profile.

Vaulted Credit Cards

At checkout you will now be required to store your credit card for office billing. Upon placing your orders you will select your preferred card for that order.

We Support Local, Brick & Mortar Pet Stores

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Meticulous livestock inspection and quality control standards are paramount to providing healthy livestock that will ensure the success of your business.

We are invested in actively procuring new products and manufacturers that PROTECT your margins!

We look forward to helping you grow.


If you are a brick & mortar pet store, or a qualified service company please click the link below to apply!

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