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Carolina Aquatics Farm

Chosen With Care

We pride ourselves on selecting only the best livestock when we pack your orders. Our aquacultured frags are no different. Every piece is carefully inspected for health and color before being packed carefully into your box!

Carolina Aquatics | Aquaculture Farm
Quality Frags, Quality Service
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RARE, One of a Kind!
These are one the nicest zoanthids we have ever seen! They are FAST growers!
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Speckled Echinata
A unique variation of echinata, sure to be a hot seller!
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Gold Rainbow Galaxia!
Pictures just don't do these frags justice! The hottest galaxia we have seen!
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Hard to Find!
Dragons Tongue Macro Algae!
An extremely attractive macro algae that will transform your customers sumps/refugiums into something they actually want to look at! (A tasty treat for tangs too!)
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