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Recife Euro Round Corner 50-Gal Full Combo with Stand

Recife Euro Round Corner 50-Gal Full Combo with Stand



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Discover the AQUATOP’s Recife Euro Round Corner 50-Gallon All-in-One Reef Aquarium System. This kit comes with all essentials for creating an ideal habitat for marine life, featuring a Multi-stage Filter Box for seamless filtration and unobstructed viewing. The filter box includes a dense sponge block and trays of specialized filtration media, including carbon-infused media for removing impurities, Phosphate & Nitrate removing media, and biological filtration media. The kit also includes a programmable SkyAqua Pro LED light, nano protein skimmer, and submersible pump. Choose from Black or Gray matching curved corner cabinet stands. A 200-watt heater is a recommended addition.

  • Built-in Multi Stage Filtration
  • Custom Nano Protein Skimmer
  • Programmable SkyAqua Pro 36-inch light included
  • Replaceable Filter Media (Item# RC24ECO- RFS /RC-ECOCB /RC-ECOPN)
  • Submersible Return Pump (528-gph)

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