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Pure Phyto™

Pure Phyto™

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Pure Phyto™ Phytoplankton For Aquariums

Pure Phyto™ is designed to provide natural, marine-based phytoplankton for aquariums. Because it is made using only the finest grade raw ingredients, it feeds your corals phycocyanin extract and energy without any fillers, unwanted nutrients, or heavy metals. Your corals need more than the nutrients provided by photosynthesis to truly thrive and look their best in your saltwater aquarium. This is where Pure Phyto comes in. It delivers protein, fats, fatty acids, vitamins, energy, natural color enhancers and much more. 

What Are Phytoplankton?

Phytoplankton are tiny organisms that bloom and drift in the ocean. They rely on photosynthesis to live, using sunlight and carbon dioxide to generate life-sustaining glucose. They are the very base of the food chain in the ocean, and are a necessary food source for all marine life. 

Why Are Phytoplankton So Important?

Because phytoplankton are the beginning of the food chain in the ocean, they are a highly beneficial nutrient resource in a saltwater aquarium. Providing this crucial food source aids copepods and amphipods, allowing these zooplankton to flourish in your marine environment and help consume organic waste from your aquarium's water. Indirectly, phytoplankton help keep your tank free of unwanted algae by supporting the organisms that help remove it, which keeps your aquarium water clean!

Additionally, coral polyps will use their tentacles at night to reach out and grab the zooplankton to eat. This makes it imperative that you keep their populations at a good level within your tank; it ensures your corals are receiving all the nutrition they need to thrive. Corals also rely on dissolved minerals and proteins as a source of nutrition, and this is aided by zooxanthellae. They have a symbiotic relationship where the zooxanthellae live on the coral polyps; through photosynthesis, they help provide the coral with the majority of the nutrients it needs to grow.

If you want a flourishing ecosystem within your saltwater aquarium, ensure you are covering the basics. A little bit of Pure Phyto goes a long way, as it is such a vital component for so many species. Ensure you are stocking enough phytoplankton for aquariums with Pure Phyto and see the difference in your corals in no time! 

Quality Ingredients are Paramount

Our phytoplankton are aquacultured in ultra-pure saltwater to ensure the finest final product. No harsh chemicals are used in the phycocyanin extraction process, and this results in an ultra-pure phytoplankton for aquariums. This supplement, with its extras and benefits, is perfect for all reef aquariums with no refrigeration required. 

Highly Versatile

Pure Phyto can be used in the following tank environments to help provide your corals with all the nutrients they need to thrive:

  • LPS
  • Mixed
  • NPS
  • SPS

Providing proper nutrition is especially important for NPS corals, as they do not get any nourishment from photosynthesis like other coral types.


– Deionised water

– Phytoplankton

– Phycocyanin extract and energy 


When feeding Pure Phyto, you can either broadcast feed or target feed, depending on your tank’s specific needs. For broadcast feeding, follow the recommended feeding guidelines:

  • Lightly stocked = 5 mL/100L (26 US gal) twice per week for broadcast feeding
  • Moderately stocked = 7.5 mL/100L (26 US gal) twice per week for broadcast feeding
  • Heavily stocked = 10 mL/100L (26 US gal) twice per week for broadcast feeding
  • For target feeding, add 3mL of Pure Phyto, 1mL of Bio-Enhance™, 1 scoop of Coral Cane® + 4 mL of aquarium water and gently feed. It is possible to vary the amount added due to the stocking density of the aquarium.
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