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Pond PhosGuard

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UPC/Location: 000116218900
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Pond PhosGuard™ is a non-herbicidal, environmentally sound approach to the problem of phosphate control in ponds. It is a filter adsorbent that removes phosphates, silicates, and organic nutrients. A 2 Liter size treats over 600 US gallons.

Pond PhosGuard™ is spherical. Its shape allows for maximum water flow through the media. Granular phosphate removers can become compacted, dramatically limiting their capacity to remove phosphate. If the media can’t come into contact with the water, it can’t remove phosphate from it. Pond PhosGuard™ is the only spherical phosphate remover on the market.

Sizes: 1 L, 2 L, 4 L, 20 L