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Ocean Nutrition/Frozen Fish Food

Ocean Nutrition - Discus Formula

Ocean Nutrition - Discus Formula

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Product Features
  • A unique Discus frozen formula developed for breeding adults and for achieving balanced growth for younger fish.
  • Extremely palatable; supports coloration & will help maintain health & vitality.
  • Contains the perfect balance of vegetable and animal ingredients.
  • Contains gel binder to maximize delivery of nutritional supplements.
  • Made only from fresh top quality ingredients.

A carnivore diet formulated to meet the specific dietary requirements of discus and other carnivorous cichlids. Feeding cichlids frozen food helps avoid parasites and disease associated with live food.

Fish should be fed two to three times a day. Only feed the amount that your fish will consume in five minutes. Thawing the cubes is not recommended as it is designed to maintain form throughout the recommended feeding timeframe. Simply drop frozen cube into tank. Remove any uneaten food.

Casein, bloodworms, mysis shrimp, brine shrimp, salmon eggs, cochineal extract (added color), carrageenan, sea lettuce, spirulina, choline chloride, magnesium sulfate, iron, inositol, a-tocopherol acetate (source of vitamin E), zinc sulfate, manganese sulfate, calcium carbonate, biotin, calcium pantothenate, niacin, sodium selenite, pyridoxine hydrochloride (source of vitamin B6), riboflavin (source of vitamin B2), L-ascorbic acid (source of vitamin C), potassium iodide, vitamin A supplement, citric acid (preservative), folic acid, thiamine mononitrate (source of vitamin B1), menadione sodium bisulfite complex (source of vitamin K3 activity), cobalt carbonate, vitamin B12 supplement.

Crude Protein (min.) — 11.7%
Crude Fat (min.) — 0.9%
Crude Fiber (max.) — 0.3%
Moisture (max.) — 82.6%
Ash (max.) — 1.4%
Phosphorus (min.) — 0.2%

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