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Leopa Delite

Leopa Delite

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  • LeopaGel™ Benefits In An Easy To Use Pellet
    A pelleted version of our wildly popular and nutritionally tuned LeopaGel™ which has been used successfully breeding Leopard Geckos.
  • A Sponge-Like Texture Because It Matters
    After hydration the sponge-like texture retains a chewy consistency similar to that of a live insect and makes forcep feeding a breeze.
  • Delightful Taste
    LeopaDelite™ offers extreme palatability making it great for those finicky geckos and other lizards who may not immediately take to a pellet.
  • The "Hikari-Germ™" Benefit
    This probiotic enhanced nutrient mix supports immune and digestive system health while the carefully selected ingredients help reduce feces odor.
  • Highly Stable Offering
    This proprietary pellet offers an exacting nutrient mix and a long shelf life too.
  • Easy Of Use & Economical Too
    One LeopaDelite™ pellet offers the same calories as one 3/4" (2cm) cricket, making it economical for multi-reptile households.*
    *This package contains the equivalent caloric value of about 650 3/4"(2cm) crickets.


Prior to feeding, soak each pellet in bottled or reptile safe water for 3-5 minutes to soften. Feed desired amount using feeding forceps. For baby geckos feed daily and for adults feed every 2-3 days based on their size. If your pet doesn't readily accept LeopaDelite™ try feeding in combination with LeopaGel™.

We recommend LEOPA DELITE™ as a daily diet for

Leopard Geckos, Baby Tegu Lizards and All Smaller Sized Monitor Lizards.


Crude Protein Crude Fat Crude Fiber Moisture Ash Phosphorus
min. 33% min. 5.0% max. 4.0% max. 10% max. 11% min. 0.5%

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