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Rods/Frozen Fish Food

Pacific Plankton

Pacific Plankton


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﷯﷯We all like a little variety in our diets and marine animals are no different. Our Pacific Plankton Blend provides that variety. Pacific plankton is a small species of saltwater krill, similar in size to a large mysis shrimp. Because itâs a saltwater species, the plankton provide high levels of omega-3 fatty acids and astaxanthin. Keep a package of plankton in your freezer for a change of pace. Ingredients: Pacific plankton (Euphausia sp.), reverse-osmosis water. Specifications: Maximum moisture content: 4.08% Minimum protein: 0.3% Minimum fat content: 0.67% Maximum fiber content: 0.79% Maximum ash content: 93.98% Package Size: 6-oz. package PACIFIC PLANKTON BLEND Specs: Feeds: Carnivore reef fish and coral. Contains: Small krill animal for diet variety. How to feed: Feed occasionally as a diet supplement. Thaw in small amount of tank water and pour into high flow area.

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