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UPC/Location: 850390002159
8 oz - MAP Price $14.00
﷯﷯For those who like to supplement a little extra, we have enriched our Krill Blend with some of the ingredients that make our other blends so special. Whole krill are saturated with our unique source of astaxanthin, beta carotenes, and Omega3 fatty acids and will keep your fish colorful and healthy. Ingredients: Krill, Astaxanthin, Beta-carotene,Omega3 Fatty Acids (DHA) Specifications: Maximum moisture content: 81.68% Minimum protein: 8.73% Minimum fat content: 5.59% Maximum fiber content: 0.8% Maximum ash content: 1.7% Package Size: 8-oz. package SEAWEED BLEND Specs: Feeds: Fish with larger mouths, Inverts. Contains: Whole krill (3/4â to 1-1/2â) enhanced with color enhancers and omega fatty acids. How to feed: Thaw in small amount of tank water and pour into high flow area.