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Fish Revitalizer™

Fish Revitalizer™

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Fish Revitalizer™ Fish Tank Conditioner

One of the most mesmerizing things about the fish and corals you see in saltwater aquariums is their incredible, bright colors! It’s so soothing to watch your fish swim around the beautiful environment you have carefully created for them. Ensure your marine life is full of vitality with Fish Revitalizer™. This is a general use fish tank conditioner, which will help to improve overall fish vitality. 

How Does It Work?

Fish Revitalizer increases oxygen in your tank to help the aerobic bacterial activity lock up phosphates, nitrates and other contaminants in the bottom sediments. This is what makes this fish tank conditioner such a valuable asset in your aquarium product arsenal! 

Keep Pests at Bay

Not only does Fish Revitalizer help your marine life stay vibrant and healthy, it can also help to remove unwanted parasites in an emergency situation such as:

  • Marine Ich - a common fish disease caused by an external parasite. An infected fish may have small white cysts on the skin, fins, and inside of the gills, and/or it may breathe rapidly or quickly rub its body on objects in your tank.
  • Marine Velvet - a condition that can rapidly spread through your tank if untreated and has the potential to kill all your marine life. Infected fish will have large amounts of small powdered sugar-like grains covering their body. Note, however, that we strongly recommend additional specialized treatment using a quarantine tank with medication to ensure you fully treat the issue. 


When using our revitalizer as a fish tank conditioner, it can be dosed differently depending on whether you’re using it for a general routine or as a treatment dose.

For general use: Use once every 3 months. Dissolve one scoop of revitalizer with tank water using a clean cup. Once fully dissolved, pour the solution into a high-flow area.

For treatment dosing: We recommend dosing in the morning and evening for the treatment period (10-20 days). For each treatment, dissolve two scoops of product with tank water using a clean cup. Once fully dissolved, slowly pour the solution into a high-flow area.

Be sure you remove any carbon during the treatment. Your tank's UV filter can be used approximately 1 hour after dose. Ensure that you store Fish Revitalizer in a cool, dry place. 


CAUTION: Keep out of reach of children. In case of contact with eyes or skin, flush immediately with running water for 15 min. If irritation persists, seek medical advice. If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately; sip water if possible and do not induce vomiting unless told to do so by the medical professional.

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