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Birdwatcher's Choice: Fly Larvae

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SKU: 4024
UPC/Location: 000116402408
Birdwatcher's Choice: Fly Larvae 70 g / 2.5 oz

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Birdwatcher's Choice™ Fly Larvae are an easy alternative to feeding live prey to attract birds. Unlike freeze-dried insects, the unique packaging process of Birdwatcher's Choice™ Fly Larvae locks in natural juices keeping them soft and moist.

DIRECTIONS: Simply place Birdwatcher's Choice™ anywhere you'd like to observe birds. They can be placed in a bowl, feeder, or even left in the can. Discard uneaten portions from feeder after 24 hours.

Birdwatcher's Choice™ insects have been sterilized during the cooking process, so unlike some live insects, you can be sure they are pathogen and virus free.

Refrigerate after opening.

Net wt. 70 g (2.4oz)