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Bio-Kalkwasser™ Curb Aquarium pH Level

It’s no secret that you need to regulate your aquarium pH level to maintain a healthy environment for your corals and fish. In fact, the pH level in your tank is one of the most important parameters to maintain in your aquarium. If your tank’s pH is out of whack, it can be detrimental to your marine life. Allowing the pH level to get too low will cause the water to become acidic and slow down coral growth. However, high pH can cause an excess of alkalinity and excessive algae growth. Keep the pH, especially the alkalinity and calcium, balanced with Bio-Kalkwasser™!

How Does it Work?

Bio-Kalkwasser has been carefully created to provide hydroxide, calcium, and non-nitrogenous, bioavailable energy. This helps raise pH and convert excess carbon dioxide into calcium carbonate, which in turn assists in building strong aragonite.

What is aragonite? It’s calcium carbonate and is the main building block for reef structure. It’s also particularly important for stony corals and their skeletons. If growth is a major priority for your tank, you want to make sure you are on top of aragonite in your tank. When aragonite elements are low in concentration, corals may develop brittle calcite, which leads to lower bone density and overall slower growth. Bio-Kalkwasser is particularly effective in helping reduce the natural pH drop that happens at night when there is a lack of photosynthesis.

Combine the required amount of Bio-Kalkwasser with RODI and mix thoroughly to dissolve. Drip this solution into the aquarium, only allowing the supernatant (top clear solution) to enter. Do not allow the white, undissolved material to enter the aquarium.

The recommended calcium concentration = 405 - 440 ppm & pH 8.1-8.5. 

Where Can You Use Bio-Kalkwasser?

Bio-Kalkwasser is a highly versatile product, and you can use it to regulate your aquarium's pH level for a variety of marine life. You can use Bio-Kalkwasser in the following tanks:

  • LPS
  • Mixed
  • NPS
  • SPS


– Calcium Hydroxide

– Energy (secret mix) 


When dosing Bio-Kalkwasser, we recommend you follow our dosage guidelines based on the stock levels of your tank listed below:

Lightly stocked = 1g/4L (~1 US gal) = 6ppm/100L (26 US gal) Calcium

Moderately stocked = 2g/4L (~1 US gal) = 12ppm/100L (26 US gal) Calcium

Heavily stocked = 3g/4L (~1 US gal) = 18ppm/100L (26 US gal) Calcium

Size Max. Volume Made

 Size Max. Volume Made
550g 2,200L (581 US gal)
1.1kg 4,400L (1,163 US gal)
2.2kg 8,800L (2,325 US gal)

Keep air contact minimal to help reduce the amount of undissolved particles forming. We do not recommend dosing any more than 18 ppm of this product in conjunction with existing calcium dosing per night. While using Bio-Kalkwasser, we recommend monitoring pH, alkalinity, and calcium.

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