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Bio-Enhance™ Boost Reef Tank Vitality

When you need a tried-and-true, well-rounded solution for your saltwater tank’s nutrition needs, look no further than Bio-Enhance™. Whether you have a reef tank or a mixed tank, Bio-Enhance is ready to help give your corals all the nutrients they need!

How does it help?

Bio-Enhance is designed to provide protein, amino acids, fatty acids, carbohydrates, and vitamins. All of these help to promote both tissue growth and vitality. This single product has combined five separate solutions into an all-in-one, complete nutrition supplement suited for SPS, LPS and mixed reef aquariums. When you add Bio-Enhance to your arsenal, you are setting yourself, and your corals, up for success! 

The Results Speak For Themselves

One of our unique advantages is the ability to test our products in-house. This allows us to ensure we are always providing our customers with the absolute best products for their reef tanks. Our tests for Bio-Enhance confirm that this product performs well.

Beyond our own results, we're proud to say that the feedback from saltwater hobbyists backs up our findings. When trialing Bio-Enhance on saltwater enthusiasts' aquariums, it showed some excellent results. These hobbyists reported that the product was able to bring life back to bleached/damaged coral, significantly increase growth, enhance coloration, and cause swelling. With results like this, you'd be doing yourself and your reef tank a disservice if you passed on using Bio-Enhance for your corals.

This product is part of a series that must be used together. The other items in this product series include Quantum Bio-Gen™, Quantum Bio-Metals™, and Quantum Bio-Kalium™. Together, these supplements will provide the required biomolecules, major, minor, and trace coloring elements so that you can get the best of your reef tank and coral color.


– Deionized water

– Naturally preserved blend of:

  1. Protein
  2. Amino acids
  3. Fatty acids
  4. Carbohydrates
  5. Vitamins


When storing Bio-Enhance, refrigeration is not necessary. Due to its nature as an all-around nutrition source for your reef tank, we do not recommend using it alongside similar products. This may cause an excess of nutrients, which can lead to build-ups that could be harmful to your marine life.

Shaking prior to use is not required. However, if the product has been left standing for a length of time, you should invert the bottle 3-4 times before using.

Add Bio-Enhance to high water flow to help give your reef tank a nourishing boost! This product must be used in reef tanks with a protein skimmer and can be used on a dosing pump.


When it comes to dosing Bio-Enhance, we suggest you follow our dosage guidelines based on the stock levels of your reef tank listed below:

Low stocked = 0.50mL/100L/26G per day

Medium stocked = 0.75mL/100L/26G per day

High stocked = 1.00mL/100L/26G per day

If you want to use Bio-Enhance to add to food for spot feeding, we recommend adding 0.5mL per cube of frozen food and letting it soak. This can be used as a broadcast feeding for your corals or to target feed your corals.

To broadcast feed, simply pour the required amount in front of the wave maker while your return pump is turned off. This will keep the product suspended in the tank for 30 minutes.

To target feed, mix the required amount with 2/3 tank water, and then use a pipette or baster to target feed your corals. Make sure to turn off all flow for 30 minutes while target feeding.

Caution: Keep out of reach of children. May cause skin irritation. In case of contact with eyes, or swallowed seek medical advice immediately

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