Fritz Quick Change

Fritz Quick Change

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About Fritz Quick Change

Fritz Quick Change is an exhibit quality professional premium salt formula in an easy-to-use, unique, liquid concentrate. When mixed with fresh water, Quick Change produces instantly-stable saltwater with all of the major, minor and trace elements typical of natural seawater along with enhanced levels of magnesium and calcium. Unlike a dry salt mix, Quick Change is pre-dissolved to avoid the wait time necessary for allowing pH and other critical parameters to normalize. Fritz Quick Change can be safely mixed and added instantly to an existing saltwater aquarium, used to raise salinity or for brackish aquariums.

Fritz Aquatics provides premium salt blends to professional- and exhibit-quality aquatic facilities around the world. The same premium materials and high quality assurance demanded by professionals is matched in every product. Quick Change is phosphate-, ammonia- and nitrate* free and is formulated to meet the needs of sensitive marine organisms.

May be mixed with tap water. For best results mix with deionized or reverse osmosis water. Measure salinity with accurate hydrometer or refractometer and adjust salinity as needed by adding more freshwater or more Fritz Quick Change Premium Reef Salt.

For raising salinity or making brackish water.


Never pour salt directly into an aquarium with livestock present! Always mix with fresh water first!

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