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Algae Scraper 6in.

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SKU: 3199
UPC/Location: 000116031998
Algae Scraper 15 cm / 6" - MAP Price $13.69

The Seachem Algae Scraper is designed with versatility in mind. With three retractable blades: metal, plastic, and soft pad, it is suited for both glass and acrylic aquariums. It is lightweight and features an ergonomic handle making it comfortable to hold in multiple positions. In addition, it floats for easy retrieval. Finally, its white color makes it easy to see the algae you want to remove and when you’ve effectively removed it.

Size: 6 inches (15 cm)

  • Ergonomic handle allows for easy use in multiple positions
  • Retractable blade housing safely hides blade while not is use.
  • White design contrasts with algae so you can see what you are removing
  • Floats for easy retrieval
  • Handle hole for hanging storage