Fritz Aquatics Pre-Order


Carolina Aquatics will be picking up almost the entire line of Fritz! We beleive that due to the good business practices that Fritz Aquatics has that it would be in our customers best interest to have these products in their stores. We are also offering a great "Pre Order Discount of 30%.

We are doing a special "Pre Order" at a 30% Discount for anyone that would like to start off the year by stocking these products. These orders would have to be in by Thursday Jan 18th 2018. We will be placing the order on Friday Jan 19th 2018. Orders need to be paid for by Thursday Jan 18th 2018 to recieve the discount. Please check our pricing vs any of our competition. We are striving to offer you the best price possible.

-Fritz has and enforces MAP (Miniumum Advertised Price) so you wont have to worry about seeing these products online for less than you can sell it for.

-There are many manufacturers that care about money more than they do the stores that work to educate the customers about their products. This is not one of those companies. That is why we are choosing to support them, and why we think you should too.

***Please do your pre order separate from normal orders.

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